Dr. Thomas Goodkind has been an innovative educator for many years who retired in June, 2015 after 50 years as a faculty member in the Neag School of Education.  A pioneer in a number of academic areas, his most recent efforts have been focused on the growing field of media literacy. He developed and coordinated 11 annual Northeast Media Literacy Conferences at UConn from 2003 – 2013. The last conference entitled “Media Literacy in a Digital Information Age” also included participation by 25 international media leaders from 25 nations around the world, sponsored by the U. S. State Dept’s International Visitor Leadership Program. Recent professional presentations included: “Media Literacy and Social Studies: Assuring Critical Thinking through the Deconstruction of Defining Moments in News Events”; “Deconstructing Disinformation: The New Critical Thinking Challenge in a Democratic Society”; “Beyond Media Spin, Sound Bites, and the Trivial: Today’s Critical Thinking Challenge”.  Additional background information on Dr. Goodkind can be found in the article “What Fifty Years as a Professor at UConn Looks Like!” through a search under “Goodkind” on the online NEAG Publication “Spotlight”, May 2015 issue.