Mary Moen is Director of the Media Smart Libraries IMLS grant-funded program at the University of Rhode Island’s Graduate Program in Library and Information Studies. She worked for twelve years as a teacher-librarian at Chariho High School and played a leadership role in the implementation of her district’s 1:1 device program. She also teaches classes in the URI Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. Mary has a B.A. in Art History, and a M. A. in Library and Information Studies. She recently earned a PhD in Education from the University of Rhode Island and Rhode Island College with Renee Hobbs as her Major Professor and Julie Coiro on her dissertation committee. Her research interests include digital literacy theories, technology integration in teaching and learning, and online personalized professional learning practices. At her Research Roundtable session on Wednesday, she will share her dissertation work on The self-directed informal learning of teachers in 1:1 device high schools. If you are interested in online badging systems, feel free to ask her about the Media Smart Libraries digital badge program they piloted to motivate and recognize the digital and media literacy competencies earned by school and youth public librarians. You can reach her at