Professor Siani is heading the Media Communication program at Mount Ida College in Newton, MA.  Siani began her relationship with media as an international radio and television personality that evolved into a career in higher education that includes creating powerful media for the purpose of Media Literacy education. Professor Siani is being recognized as a leading authority in digital socialization and the relational effects of smart phone technology on the development of teens and young adults. 

From a Media Psychology perspective, Siani and a group of dedicated students recognized the unintended consequences of our digital demands on personal development, interpersonal relationships and our society and passionately began working on strategies and solutions for greater balance.  The group effort resulted in the award winning film Celling Your Soul, one of the first films to honestly address the shaping effects of our smart phone technologies through the lens of the first digitally socialized generation.  59% of teens admit they feel addicted to their devices, 95% know texting and driving is wrong and do it anyway and research shows staggering increases in stress, anxiety and depression from our 24/7 connectivity.   She is currently working with AAA on texting and driving safety initiatives and continues to tour schools with her film and work shops.  Her organization is No App For Life,