Erin McNeill is a nationally recognized expert on policy related to media literacy. She is the founder and president of Media Literacy Now, an education policy initiative that is sparking state-by-state legislative action to ensure that all K-12 schools are teaching a comprehensive set of media literacy skills. Media Literacy Now has provided guidance and resources in 17 states, has been instrumental in helping advocates pass two laws, and has joined forces with other national organizations to develop national model legislation to make media literacy and digital citizenship part of a state’s formal education policy. The bill has been introduced in Connecticut and is expected to be considered in 3 to 5 states this year.

In addition, Erin is a journalist who writes and speaks often about the influences of media messages on children, especially with parents in mind. Previously in her career she covered a wide range of topics from pandemics, disasters, and local politics in San Francisco; to environmental and economic policy in Washington DC; to arts in Massachusetts. Please connect on Twitter @erinmcnll