Duane P. Pierre is the Executive Director and founder of ParaDYM, Inc. and it’s educational initiative, ParaDYM Academy. Prior to founding ParaDYM, Duane had over 20 years experience as a producer in print, television, music and radio and over 30 years of community,

family and youth advocacy experience in Brooklyn,NY, New Orleans, LA and throughout Central Connecticut. Both of these passions led Duane to the found ParaDYM Academy.

ParaDYM Academy is a media production-based after-school program that serves youth

ages 13 to 18 and works in partnership with CCSU’sOffice of Community Engagement and local school districts. It is the continued evolution of the CFES after-school program which ran  through CCSU’s Community Central during the 2012-13 school year.  ParaDYM

Academy provides transmedia production and media literacy training as a means to engage students in activates that mirror their recreational habits, but that can be used for college preparedness, vocational and social entrepreneurship training.  Our traditional

students show an interest, but not necessarily an aptitude for media production. ParaDYM uses that interest to have them explore their opinions and aspirations with an emphasis on how they view their place in the communities in which they live.  Those interests

and ideas are then turned into tools that will help shape their futures. Students engage in recreational activities utilizing 21st

Century skill sets (such as transmedia production, video production, photography music production, music composition & theory, game design, coding, gamification and media literacy) and life skills (critical thinking, social entrepreneurship, community service,

job readiness and college preparedness). In addition to staff, Mentors (volunteers and CCSU students) and Coaches (media industry professionals and academics) empower students through hands-on, immersive activates and interaction designed to transform their

roles as media consumers into that of media producers.  

ParaDYM Academy has served over 200 youth in after-school, out-of-school and summer

programs, generation over 600 hours of social justice and youth voice media since 2012. ParaDYM runs workshops for youth focused on:

    • 3-camera mini TV studio production with virtual sets
    • podcasting with live call in functionality
    • 3D printing
    • video production and editing
    • photography, photo editing and 4×6 photo printing
    • audio production and sound design
    • game design and coding through kinesthetic learning techniques
    • graphic arts
    • college prep and workforce development