David Fryburg, MD, is the President and Co-Founder of the non-profit Envision Kindness. Based in East Lyme, CT, Envision Kindness’ mission is to promote kindness, empathy, and compassion, in the pursuit of a happier, healthier, and more connected world. With a particular focus on youth, Envision Kindness runs unique media based social and emotional learning programs designed to foster kindness and other positive behaviors in schools, which can also serve as uplifting methods to combat bullying. The results to date, as described by teachers, have been transformational.  The research Envision Kindness is doing has also showed how powerful images are in affecting mood, including those of acts of kindness.

David is a published physician and scientist who has been faculty at the University of Virginia, studied the effects of potential new drugs at Pfizer, and now leads teams of scientists from around the world to solve common problems in diagnosis of disease or assessing the impact of therapy. David is also an avid, published photographer and student of Tai Chi Chuan and other Eastern arts. www.envisionkindness.org