is the Co-Founder and Director of Curricula Development & Video Production at Welcome 2 Reality LLC. Anthony spent almost two decades in the field of human services and approximately 10 years developing curricula and training. During the course of his work he was continuously exposed to teens who made poor choices as a result of being inundated with the messages and imagery on the internet, social media, and advertisements.

After further examination, Anthony discovered youth were unknowingly being manipulated, misguided and were intentionally being targeted and exploited through the use of said mediums.  Anthony also found parents, caregivers and teachers, were not literate as to how today’s adolescents are at risk of cyber bullying, cyber-stalking and human trafficking because the continuous access they have to computers and mobile devices.

Anthony has developed and provided training to students, teachers, parents, clergy and law enforcement personnel across the country on the importance of media literacy, digital safety and other issues related to youth exploitation via social media and internet consumption.

Anthony is a mentor to many and enjoys speaking to youth about the possibilities that life has to offer. He is an advocate for the families, loves to help the less fortunate and wants the best for others.