In this roundtable session following the morning opening session, participants will be invited to join one of the ten tables that will each focus on another topic. Moderated by Renee Hobbs, participants will be encouraged to meet and discuss issues that were introduced at the opening panel in a more intimate forum.

Roundtable 1 – Media Literacy Education – Thomas Goodkind & Cyndy Schiebe

Roundtable 2 – News & Media Literacy with Bill Densmore & Katherine Fry

Roundtable 3 – Gender & Media with Sherri Hope Culver & Elizaveta Friesem

Roundtable 4 – Civic Media with Paul Mihailidis Kelsey Greene

Roundtable 5 – Media Literacy Advocacy with Erin McNeill & Michelle Ciulla Lipkin

Roundtable 6 – Critical Media Literacy with Lori Bindig & Rob Williams

Roundtable 7 – Youth Media & Media Production with Steve Goodman & Rhys Daunic

Roundtable 8 – Media Literacy in Higher Education with Bill Yousman & Julie Frechette

Roundtable 9 – Digital Citizenship with Carolyn Fortuna & Elizabeth Rowell

Roundtable 10 – Digital & Information Literacy with Frank RomanelliMary Moen

Roundtable 11 –  Technology Integration in School with Andrea TejedorMichelle Ciccone

Roundtable 12 – Social Media Literacy with Adam Chiara & Zoey Wang

Roundtable 13 – Human Beings & Media with Renée Cherow-O’Leary & David Fryburg