We welcome submissions that conform to one of four presentational approaches:

  • Interactive Poster Session
  • Research Paper
  • Teaching Workshop
  • Students’ Showcase

Interactive Poster Session. Students are encouraged to send a proposal of their practice or research in progress to be showcased as a poster presentation. The session will provide visibility and opportunity for the students to interact with experts in the field and receive feedback on their work and trajectory.

Research Paper. Works in progress, reports, or completed manuscripts that use qualitative or quantitative approaches to address the theory and practice of media literacy. A 15 minute presentation with other scholars and a respondent will encourage an academic dialogue of our field.  

Teaching Workshop. Demonstrations of your practices of teaching media literacy in a variety of contexts: K-12, higher education, library, museum, after-school, religious education, public health, and social service programming. The workshop can be in a 30 minute.   

Students’ Showcase. Celebrating the practice of media literacy with K-12 or undergraduate students as they demonstrate their learning. Bring an example of a work product created by a learner and explain the rationale for the assignment and the process used to create it, along with the approach to assessment that you used. We encourage you to bring along your students to hear about their experiences and learning outcomes.

Proposal Submission – Due Monday, January 9th 2017

Write your name, email, job title and affiliation and add the three following sections:  

  1. A 300 word rationale or abstract that describes the purpose of the session and the content of your presentation. The abstract will appear on the website and the program.
  2. A 200 word description of the way you are planning to engage the audience in your presentation.
  3. A list of three to five bullet points of outcomes for the participants in your presentation.

For more information, please contact Dr. Yonty Friesem at friesem@ccsu.edu

Submit your proposal below: